Will the Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up?
An Illustrated History

For many years Pruw has had a passion for Christmas and all things related to the season. As a consequence of this passion she has amassed a large collection of images of Father Christmas/Santa Claus. These include Christmas cards, postcards, advertisements, book illustrations and … Read More

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Secret St Mary’s
Discover the many hidden and unknown relics, treasures and objects in this ancient Totnes church

Originally a series of articles for the Totnes Review these now form the basis of a well-researched and interesting book about unusual objects that are generally either hidden from view or often unseen by visitors. Do you know, for example, that the Reverend John Prince, a member of an illustrious Devon family and author of ‘The Worthies of Devon’ was caught having an assignation … Read More

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The Elizabethan kitchen unlock’d
Based around the kitchen in the Elizabethan House Museum in Totnes

Pruw has a fascination with and for anything connected to the Tudor period and was an historic re-enactor and taught the history of this period in local schools. She was also for many years the chairman of the Elizabethan House Museum in Totnes where she was responsible for replicating and setting up a Tudor kitchen and still room in the Museum. This has proved to be one of the star attractions for visitors. … Read More

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Morris Dancing on the Lancashire Plain
Volume 2 The Horwich Tradition

Based on the original research of the author this book details the history and background of the Morris Dancing teams of this area of Lancashire, concentrates on the dancers and dances around Horwich. Illustrated with photographs of many of the original teams this book provides a fascinating insight into not only the dances but the social interaction and customs around the end of the C19th and the early C20th. … Read More

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A colouring book of Totnes

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