Secret St Mary’s

Originally a series of articles for the Totnes Review these now form the basis of a well-researched and interesting book about unusual objects that are generally either hidden from view or often unseen by visitors. Do you know, for example, that the Reverend John Prince, a member of an illustrious Devon family and author of ‘The Worthies of Devon’ was caught having an assignation with a woman of ill-repute in the back room of a local inn, and subsequently appeared in court on a charge of indecency? Or the one of the long standing choristers, remembered on a plaque in the choir stalls, lived in a brothel owned by his wife?

These stories and many more are included in a fascinating book. The book is well illustrated with photographs and drawings by the author and a ‘map’ of the locations of the ‘secrets’ is included.
Price: £3.00 plus £1.75 pp